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Community Watch Meeting
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Karen Long
23 posts
Mar 07, 2015
8:11 AM
A review of our meeting of March 4th. Talked about if you see one of our community watch signed knocked down please let me know so that I can get it back up. Also, it was mentioned to me that the sign on Dunnamore was to low and blocked the view when trying to pull out. We did put a 3 foot extention on it and that should help.

Neil Dubberly, from the Georgia Department of Transportation said that after their study we still do not warrant a traffic sign. They are going to do another on in the fall.

As for the right hand turn lane coming into Bradley Blvd. he said that it is in the works but just does not have a time period of when it will be done.

Let you know when the next meeting is and if you would like to have a topic discussed please let me know in advance.

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