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Minutes for Community Watch
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Karen Long
29 posts
Nov 14, 2015
4:26 AM
Community Watch meeting held on Nov 10. This is what was discussed for the ones who could not make it.
First I talked about how our streets were cleaned on Sept 30th by the Savannah street sweeper. It has been a little over a year since the last time. How great it is that our whole community now has LED street lights, what a great improvement. Another great thing is that we received new weight equipment for the second gym room at the club house. This is much needed. Hope you all enjoy.
As for the red light on 17 I received an email from Neil Dubberly stating they are still working on the study. The volume counts taken this time still do not meet warrants for signalization, however we are looking at the proposed development in the subdivision and if the signal will be warranted in the near future based on the volume counts that would be generated by the new development.
The contractor that will be installing the right hand turn lane should be given the notice to proceed in November with a 90 day completion date.
Capt. Campbell, AFF Pool, AFF Nefstead and MFF Homan from the Fire Department came and talked about holiday and winter safety tips. If you should have any questions about holiday lighting they are there to help.
Lastly, Corporal Snyder and Chief Ramey talked about the speeding on Bradley Blvd and how they are putting radar detector boxes out on some streets to see if they need to watch other streets than just Bradley Blvd. If you have any questions about what is happening in our community you can go www.scmpd.org and see everything that is happening at any time. Corporal Snyder's number is 912-665-4213.

I am planning our next meeting in Feb 2016.

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